Rally Kids Maylee & Kiki: #FORTHEIRFUTURE Of Friendship

Dec 2, 2020 | Childhood Cancer, Kids, Rally Blog, Rally Stories | 0 comments

Photo courtesy of Cassandra Young Photography

When you give to Rally, you aren’t just funding research—you are funding childhoods. You’re giving kids the chance to experience life, form lasting friendships and shape their futures.

Maylee was first diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) when she was 3 years old. She underwent seven months of aggressive chemotherapy and remained in remission for two years.

Unfortunately, Maylee relapsed and had to endure more harsh treatments.

Maylee is now 8 years old and cancer-free, but she struggles with complications from her bone marrow transplant and graft versus host disease.

Maylee’s family was so inspired by her strength to take on cancer for a second time.

Kiki was only a toddler when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). She was enrolled in a clinical trial with an additional chemotherapy drug, so her treatment lasted longer than the standard two-and-a-half-year protocol.

Now just 5 five years old, Kiki is already experiencing treatment-related complications in her joints and back.

Kiki’s cancer journey was tough on her older brother, and her mom says the two siblings are now “closer than close.” Photo on the right courtesy of Sarah Witherington Photography.

Maylee and Kiki—both Rally Kids—met on a magical trip to Disney World with Rally’s friends from Bert’s Big Adventure in February 2020 just before the pandemic shut everything down.

Though three years apart in age, they instantly bonded over their love for all things girly and glittery. They were inseparable as they went on rides, ate meals and became “sworn princesses” together.

Princess Maylee and Princess Kiki were the belles of the ball at Disney.

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, Maylee and Kiki have not been able to see each other since February. Kiki regularly asks when she can see her friend. Both of their mothers hope to get the girls together as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Maylee’s mother shared, “I love how carefree and comfortable the girls are together. They understand each other far more than most ever could, simply because of what they’ve endured. Seeing those two blossoming when they’re together is just plain good for the soul!”

Maylee and Kiki’s special bond brings joy to those around them. Photo courtesy of Sarah Witherington Photography.

Donate today in honor of Maylee and Kiki—two sweet friends who have many shared experiences to look forward to. Please give #ForTheirFuture.


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