New Beginnings: Rally Kid Austen Trades Cancer Treatments for Kindergarten

Every school year brings with it the promise of a new beginning. New teachers, friends, and learning experiences await excited children as they step on the school bus for the first time. For Rally Kid Austen, who completed her cancer treatments this spring, the first day of kindergarten was even more special because it represented

The Stranch Family’s 46

Patty Daniel’s 46 Mile journey began a year before she set foot on a fundraising path. It began at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center, at the side of her then 8-year-old son, Gus, who’d just been diagnosed with a very rare, high-risk form of leukemia. Only 2 percent of patients get this diagnosis, Patty’s family

New Friends, Unexpected Blessings

Making new friends at summer camp is a treasured childhood tradition. For kids fighting cancer, meeting new friends who understand how it feels to be thrust into a world of hospitals, treatments and uncertainty is a life-changing experience that restores hope and the joy of childhood. Rally Kids Hannah and Briley are two girls who

I May Have Cancer, But Cancer Does Not Have Me

By Rally Kid Ethan I’m Rally Kid Ethan.  I love to act, and I have even been in a few movies, tv shows, and commercials. I also love to play baseball and cook. I dream of having my own food truck called Easy Cheesy. I want to serve everyone’s favorite cheesy deliciousness; like grilled cheese,