Rally Idol 2…What an Experience!

By Clark Beckham, Musician, Recording Artist, American Idol Season 14 Runner-Up and Rally Idol 2 Judge I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and have been playing music for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I played music on street corners (a perk of growing up in the Music City!) and in church. After

Hiking the AT in Honor of My Favorite Williams

By Lee Olson, Rally Kid William's Dad The Rally Foundation originated in 2005 in honor of my son, William, who was named after his grandfather and my dad. Since its humble beginnings in a prayer circle, Rally has awarded more than $9 million in research grants across the U.S. to improve childhood cancer survival rates through

Your Business Can Join the Rally!

By Marcie Smith, Community Partners Manager Rally has been funding the most promising childhood cancer research since 2005. Why? Because childhood cancer is the #1 disease killer of kids in America, yet less than 4% of federal cancer research funding is dedicated toward childhood cancer. Can you imagine your baby being diagnosed with cancer and

It Wasn’t Your Time

By Rally Kid Jordan Muschamp “It wasn’t your time.” That’s an expression I have heard many times since getting out of the hospital in early November. It’s an expression that I have recently taken to heart and realized that it truly wasn’t my time to leave this Earth. As a teenager, I battled AML, a