Why Fund Childhood Cancer Research?

Because Kids with Cancer Deserve Better.

Some childhood cancer treatments have been the same for more than 40 years. With your support, we are changing that. Rally funded research has led to new and better treatments, and ultimately cures, with fewer harmful side effects.

Rally Kid Drew was given less than a 10% chance of survivial.

Today he’s thriving, thanks to Rally-funded neuroblastoma research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Rally-funded research has led to new cancer treatments for children.

Research takes time. See below, for the year that Rally started funding research that is now an approved treatments for kids fighting cancer.

Neuroblastoma: Engineering Antibodies (2007)
Neuroblastoma: MIGB (2007)
ALL: CAR-T Cell Therapy (2010)
Survivorship: Protection of the Heart (2010)
Brain Tumor: Modified Virus (2013)
Brain Tumor: IDO-Blockade (2021)

Advancement of Rally-Funded Research

Rally Foundation Grants

Since 2005, Rally has awarded $35 million in childhood cancer research grants funding 597 projects at hospitals and institutions around the world.

Advancement of Rally-Funded Research

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24% of Rally-Funded
Research Advanced
to Clinical Trials

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50% of Rally’s Funded Research Advance to
Federal Funding

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63% of Rally-Funded Research was Published in Journals and Presented at Conferences

This Is Why We Rally. This Is Why We Need You.