Shopping For a Cause: How Dress Up Raised Money for Rally Foundation

Oct 30, 2019 | Community Partners, Fundraising & Events, Rally Blog | 0 comments

If you love keeping up with the latest trends, you probably enjoy shopping for new styles at your favorite clothing stores. But what if those shopping trips could make a difference in the lives of others? What if your purchase could help raise funds for childhood cancer research?

This past September, the southeast-based boutique Dress Up did exactly that. For 24 hours, they turned a day of shopping into a day of giving back by donating 10 percent of all sales to Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. The donations included sales from all 19 stores in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama, as well as all online sales within that time frame. Rally Kids from Atlanta and Nashville attended the event.

In just one day, Dress Up’s initiative raised $5,200 from customer sales. The boutique’s generous owners, Danielle and Derrick Case, chipped in as well, bringing the grand total up to $5,500 for childhood cancer research. For them, Rally’s mission hits close to home as their community in Gainesville, GA is home to several families who have been impacted by childhood cancer.

Dress Up’s goal has always been to keep changing the world, one dress at a time. Their mission is to make every experience truly an experience, not just “shopping”. Partnering with Rally is yet another way Dress Up is fulfilling that mission.

“We believe in the cause so much, and our community is so involved in the cause already, so we wanted to do more than just having a minimal donation for one location.” -Derrick Case, Dress Up CEO + Founder

More About Dress Up

At the core of the company, Dress Up has one objective: to show the love of Christ and to help women realize their worth. Our brand strives to make sure that each woman walking through the doors leaves feeling more confident and loved than they did walking in.

Dress Up all started with a simple visit to the mall. Founders Derrick and Danielle Case were walking through the local mall with Danielle’s sisters when they realized they were tired of overpriced clothing that lacked style and originality. Danielle walked out of the final store and told Derrick, “This is ridiculous, we should open our own store. We should offer new styles every week, make it affordable and on-trend.” That idea led to the concept of the first Dress Up storefront in Dahlonega, GA in August 2009, just five weeks after that trip to the mall.


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