Rally Kid Keren is a True Advocate

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Rally Blog, Success Stories

“I have been fighting cancer and the side effects since 2017,” shares Rally Kid Keren, who beat rhabdomyosarcoma almost five years before being diagnosed with a completely different cancer, osteosarcoma, in 2021.

Dealing with this new cancer diagnosis has been a hard road for Keren and her family. They have found a way of understanding and coping with the harsh treatments and difficult procedures. Just ask for clarification.

Keren, age 12, before she was diagnosed with her second cancer, Osteosarcoma.

Keren’s mom Kelly proudly explains, “Keren has really learned how to be an advocate for herself. She is kind but clear when she asks to learn more. This is truly an amazing feat – many people much older than her do not wish, or do not know how to speak up when the doctor or nurse prescribes or implements a certain treatment or process. She really is an impressive role model. Keren empowers us, her parents, as well as other childhood cancer patients, to go ahead and ask the necessary questions.”

Keren, age 14, with her brother Jacob, sister Lyla, mom Kelly, and dad Jonathan.

Every day in America, 47 kids are diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, one of the side effects are secondary cancers from the initial treatment. That’s what happened to Rally Kid Keren. Please make your year-end donation to Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research so doctors, and scientists can continue to find better treatments and, ultimately, cures.

To learn more about Rally Kid Keren’s second cancer, osteosarcoma, click here:



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