6 Simple Steps to Help Your Child Feel Better During Cancer Treatment

by | May 6, 2022 | Rally Blog

If you find yourself in this position today, I wish that I could reach out and offer you a hug through this screen. This is a position that no child or family should ever be in.

There is not a doubt in our minds that our efforts to reduce the toxic load on Millie’s body is the reason she thrived through ten months of intensive treatment and experienced minimal side effects from treatment.

Other than her physical hair loss, most days you would have had no idea what Millie’s body was actually fighting. Her energy and love for life sparkled through it all.

I want to offer you six simple ways that you can begin today to support your child and regain some control in your home. Our bodies are designed to thrive, and it’s a powerful thing to remember when facing the unthinkable.

We kept this list on our refrigerator to remind us of our daily goals. While I know these tips do not lessen our realities at all, I hope they offer you a roadmap to support your child to feel their best while braving the worst.

1. Get outside everyday!

Spend time outside every day – yes, even in the cold or rain! The fresh air and sunlight are grounding to the central nervous system, often making us feel calmer or able to think more clearly.

For a healing body, this is crucial. It has been found that even short amounts of time outside can support the immune system, improve sleep and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Find ways to take the indoors outside.

Rally Kid Millie watering the plants outside.

  • Have a picnic alfresco
  • Take schoolwork to the back deck to complete
  • Sit outside and listen to music or a children’s audiobook
  • Start a backyard garden
  • Find a new park to explore
  • Take a walk each night after dinner

2. Detox Bath Every Night the Week Before Treatment

This bath is a gentle and easy way to naturally support the body’s detox process — especially in times when our organs are filtering in overdrive. It triggers a process called reverse osmosis — which pulls out salt and harmful toxins with it.


  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salts (unscented)
  • 1 drop of zendocrine (supports kidney + liver detoxification)
  • 2 drops of lavender (soothing + promotes a calm, restful night sleep)

Both baking soda and Epsom salts help to flush toxins, chemicals and heavy metals out of the body.

Rally Mom Claire’s detox bath ingredients

2. Healthy, Hearty Meals and Snacks

Focus on nourishment. Think Mediterranean style or “eating the rainbow.”

Real foods that are high in protein, iron and have good fats to provide energy and support healthy cell growth.

Eat as many fresh and organic greens as possible.

Remove as many processed foods, artificial ingredients, sugars, dyes and oils as possible. This allows the body to absorb nutrients and not be overburdened with additional toxicity.

Start with one meal or one snack and build from there.

  • Add in more protein at breakfast
  • Add more greens to a family favorite recipe
  • Try making superfood smoothies as a midmorning snack

Involving children in the kitchen with you can be a great way to encourage them to try new foods and share special time together.

Make a list of your child’s favorite nourishing foods to pack and take with you to the hospital, as well.

Rally Kid Millie helping her mom, Claire, make a smoothie.

5. Simple Ways to Improve Air Quality at Home

Indoor air quality has been found to carry toxins and chemicals within our homes.

You can begin to help to clean up the air quality in your home by:

  • Simply removing all shoes at the door before entering the home;
  • Open windows or doors for thirty minutes a day to allow fresh air in;
  • Eliminate all chemical cleaning products and household items with fragrance and replace them with simple disinfectants like vinegar and baking soda;
  • Replace candles with certified, pure essential oils in a diffuser;
  • Regularly change the air filters in your home; and
  • Try adding houseplants in rooms where you spend lots of time. Houseplants help to naturally filter the indoor air, while also helping to elevate the mood. They are also exciting for children to take care of and watch grow.

Rally Kid Millie hanging out with her brother, Jack.

6. Go to Bed on Time Each Night

Set times for the children and adults – and stick to it! The body wants to heal itself, but it must have the proper opportunity to do so. Cancer treatments affect everyone in the home, so good rest is critical for the mental, emotional and physical health of the entire family.

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