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KYle’s arm began hurting in May. We only heard about it a few times and chalked it up to growing pains and/or muscle soreness from swim practice we had just started back for the summer swim season. On Monday, June 6th while waiting for his practice time beside the pool a soccer ball that a couple of kids were kicking around smacked him in the arm. He screamed in pain like I’ve never heard him scream. He came over to me and I looked at his arm it was red and swollen and just felt weird. He said, “Mom it really hurts all the way down to the bone.” I called my husband and told him I was going to take him to our pediatrician. Meanwhile Kyle took part in swim practice and said his arm was weak and tired. That afternoon we went to the Doctor’s Office and saw the Physicians Assistant. She did a few minor tests and was concerned. She said his arm shouldn’t be that tired and weak even though it wasn’t his dominant side. She s aid he could swim in the Meet that night if he felt up to it and made us an appointment to see a pediatric orthopedist the next day. Kyle swam all his events, said his arm was tired but he placed and even came in second in the fly. The next day at the orthopedist they took an x-ray. The doctor came in very seriously, showed us the picture, and pointed out that something was deteriorating the bone in his arm . That was it. He didn’t say the “C” word he just said it was more than he could deal with and that we were lucky the soccer ball or swimming hadn’t broken Kyle’s arm. He sent a text and e-mail to a specialist he said and made us an appointment for the following day. In the interim he made a semi-cast /splint for Kyle’s arm to immobilize it and told him he could only take it off to shower. My husband and I were stunned. We new something was terribly wrong. We went home and looked up the Specialists name. He was an Orthopedic Oncologist. We were terrified. The next day at the appointment there were more x-rays and we got the news… The doctor told us he was 99% sure it was osteosarcoma / a pediatric bone cancer. He told us he was wrong about 4 times a year but he didn’t think this was one of those times. My husband and I were almost speechless. You don’t envision your child ever having cancer. He spent the next 40 minutes plus with us and Kyle discussing prognosis, what treatment would look like, and our immediate next steps. The next day we went to have CAT scans, MRI, and blood work it was Thursday. We had a break on Friday, another appointment on Monday for and electrocardiogram and then the biopsy was scheduled for Tuesday. We had our first good news on Monday. His chest and lungs were clear. On Tuesday June 14th we had our diagnosis. Kyle did indeed have osteosarcoma, and a port was placed. The other bit of good news was that the only spot that showed on the MRI was the one in his arm. 2 Weeks after his diagnosis we began chemo. Kyle has been a champ through it all. He started telling me he wanted to find the good in everyday. Sometimes that good was meeting someone new, sometimes it was not throwing up for 40 whole minutes. He has smiled, joked and laughed through it all. He tells me all the time , “I’m kicking cancers butt!” He never gives up ! The medical staff at Egleston tell us if it wasn’t for his bald more like fuzzy head you wouldn’t be able to tell he’s sick. He attends school when he can and at other times a home bound teacher comes to the house. He has managed to maintain an A average in everything except writing which is his least favorite but has a high B in that class. He is kind and funny just an all around good kid. We are currently in treatment but hope to be done by the first week in February.

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