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Amora was diagnosed as a surprise during her 3 year old check-up. She had no obvious symptoms other then complaining of pain in her knee that would randomly come and go. On our way back home I got the first of many frightful and serious phone calls that day. The nurse practitioner stated we needed to turn around and head to the ER at the Children’s Hospital. Tearfully she explained that Amora’s white blood cell count was 77,000. The time her father and I waited was the longest few hours of our lives, as we were in denial and clinging to hope that their was some sort of mistake. We didn’t understand how our joyful, spunky and playful little girl had cancer. After staying in the hospital for two and a half weeks Amora finally got to come home. Since, she has been a trooper and stronger then we ever could have imagined. Being that she is very high risk, she has had to endure many lumbar punctures, intrathecal chemo, injections, pill after pill, multiple lab sticks, mouth sores, appetite and energy loss and multiple hospital admissions. We recently received news that she will have to receive a bone marrow transplant, but we are firm in our faith that God will restore her to perfect health and her “test” of faith will become her lifelong testimony of God’s greatness and glory!

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