Rally Kid Drew was given less than a 10% chance of survival. Today he’s thriving thanks to Rally Funded neoblastoma research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Memorial Sloan Kettering

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Since 2005, Rally has awarded more than $16.7 million in childhood cancer research grants to 354 projects worldwide.

Rally’s Research is making an impact

Rally’s established dual peer review process ensures that your donations fund the most promising research initiatives. Rally specializes in providing seed money for the next great discovery. Rally invests early and continues to invest as projects make progress. In a random survey of Rally funded researchers, we learned that almost two-thirds of our projects advanced from the lab to clinical trials.

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Dual peer review process

How does Rally decide on what projects to fund?

Through a competitive dual peer review process, the Rally Medical Advisory Board, comprised of the top childhood cancer oncologist in the country, scrutinizes each grant application. The process is rigorous and only the most promising projects qualify for funding.

research-icon-chart-1Less than 4% of the NCI’s budget goes to support pediatric research. Receiving federal funding is very competitive. In a random survey of 39 Rally-funded researchers, nearly two out of three researchers indicated that their Rally-funded projects advanced to federal funding, a critical milestone for any research project.
research-icon-chart-2This survey also indicated that an impressive 3 out of 4 Rally-funded researchers presented their discoveries at scientific conferences across the nation and around the globe.
research-icon-chart-3Rally believes in investing in the very best ideas. We fund all levels of research, encouraging collaboration, and giving both young minds and seasoned professionals a chance to flourish.