Dr. Mark Chiang’s Discovery Paves the Way for Acute Leukemia Treatment without Major Side Effects

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Dr. Mark Chiang Through his work at the University of Michigan Cancer Center, Rally Researcher Dr. Mark Chiang discovered a novel protein that sticks to a leukemia cancer gene called Notch. This discovery could potentially pave the way for anti-Notch drugs—drugs without the harsh, harmful side effects of traditional acute leukemia treatment. We

A Mother’s Journey: Rally Kid Maylee’s Mom Shares Her Family’s Touching Story

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Childhood cancer is a life-changing illness that profoundly affects not only children, but their entire families. From the initial diagnosis through endless treatments and hospital visits, the journey is a long and difficult for everyone involved. Yet somewhere along the way, this emotionally trying experience often ignites a renewed appreciation for life’s little blessings, along

Beating Leukemia Brings Both Challenge & Adventure: Aleksander’s Story

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When Rally Kid Aleksander got sick with strep throat in March of 2017, his family didn’t think anything of it. After all, it was flu season, and their curious, fun-loving two-year-old was perfectly healthy otherwise. The doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics, and life went on for the family of five. A few weeks later,

Advocacy Matters: Jacob’s Childhood Cancer Story

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On a fall morning in 2009, Jacob Moore went to school as usual. Before lunchtime, Jacob’s mom, Heidi, got a call from the school. Jacob was having trouble walking, the school staff said. Maybe he’d sprained his ankle? By the time Heidi got to the school, Jacob couldn’t walk at all. At the emergency room,