Project Description


At the age of one, Aveah was a one happy and active girl! She loved running around and dancing. Then one day, she started to limp. I didn’t think it was a big issue until it progressed. So, we took her to the doctor. The Doctors and Nurses took two X-rays without doing any blood work and sent us home saying that she has an infection in her hip and that we should give her children’s Tylenol and it should pass. A week went on and it got worse. She got to the point where she was crying and not even able to walk. We took her to the children’s hospital the next morning. They ran so many more X-rays and drew blood. That’s when the Doctor told us that Aveah had cancer. We were heartbroken and in shock. That day, she was admitted for treatment.

After many rounds of chemo, steroids, pokes and prods, Aveah was discharged on March 8, 2014. She is now in remission. There is no sign of Leukemia at this time! We pray and have hope it stays this way.

Aveah loves to watch movies, dance, go to the aquarium and color. She really enjoys being outside, specially at the park. She’s in love with Minnie Mouse and Frozen. She loves her pet kitties, too!

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