Fund Childhood Cancer Research in Honor of Rally Kid Xander

Fund Childhood Cancer Research in Honor of Rally Kid Xander

Xander’s Cancer Journey

Xander started experiencing severe back pain in 2018 at 3 years old. At first, it was dismissed as constipation and growing pains. In January 2019, we got an answer for the pain he was experiencing. He was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma, after a 4 inch tumor was discovered in his chest. Initial scans revealed it had already spread to his legs, hips, spine, shoulders, and skull.

Xander had a hickman line placed in his chest and quickly began chemotherapy treatments. That year, he underwent numerous chemotherapy cycles, main tumor resection surgery, stem cell transplants, feeding tube placements, shots, long hospital stays, anesthesia, scans, and hearing loss.

After the disease showed no improvement with any of the treatments, he did a radiation trial that also provided no improvement to the disease.

He was put on oral chemo drugs until March of 2022, when we decided to take him off since the cancer continued to have no response.

Over a year later, Xander’s cancer has not spread any further.

There are no further treatment options for Neuroblastoma. We are fortunate that his disease has not worsened.

Xander has shown resilience and positivity throughout this challenging journey.

He is one of a kind, scores above average in school, he’s got the biggest heart, and his curiosity is SO big.

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