New Developments in Osteosarcoma Therapies

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In the United States, cancer is the number one disease killer of children. Yet pediatric cancer isn’t exclusive to America; it’s a global epidemic that affects more than 300,000 children around the world.

Rally-Funded Research Supports New Cancer Vaccine Technology Developed by Doctors Elias Sayour & Brian Stover

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At the University of Florida, Rally Researchers Dr. Elias Sayour MD, PhD and Dr. Brian Stover MD are busy studying the most common form of bone cancer in children and adolescents: osteosarcoma. Through support from the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research, they secured federal funding from the U.S. Department of Defense, which led to the development of a new cancer vaccine technology.

An Active Teenager’s Fight with Cancer: Maddy’s Story

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Sport-loving Rally kid Maddy has a long history of being on the go, so when she started complaining of knee pain two years ago, no one doubted it was just the product of activity. Cheerleading and softball taxed the teenager’s different muscle groups, an orthopedist said. Physical therapists put the then-13-year-old on a standard program.

Grace, You Deserved So Much More Than This

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By McClain Hermes I am totally and completely heartbroken. My body shakes and aches with grief. On March 25th at 1:18 PM, a part of my soul flew away to Heaven. Grace Bunke, my 14-year-old best friend, little sister and soul sister, died. I knew this day was coming but there is nothing you can