Fund Childhood Cancer Research in Honor of Rally Kid Nick

Fund Childhood Cancer Research in Honor of Rally Kid Nick

Nick’s Cancer Journey

Nick is a friendly, energetic, athletic 10 year old boy, and when he was suddenly tired all the time and uninterested in all the things he loved to do, his parents started to worry. When he spiked a high fever and woke up with extreme leg pain unable to walk they knew it was time to take him to the ER. 8 hours later Nick was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on July 18, 2023, and he started treatment just 2 days later. He will undergo 2 and a half years of treatment to knock cancer out of the park. Nick is brave and strong, and we have faith in God that Nick will be healed! In the meantime, his parents have partnered with Rally foundation to create a research fund in Nick’s honor. Please consider buying a t-shirt, gold laces or donating (many companies will event match!) so that so that one day no parent will ever have to hear “your child has cancer” again!

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