Partnering to
Defeat Childhood Cancer

Partnering to Defeat Childhood Cancer

GP PRO (Georgia-Pacific) is a longtime partner of Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. Together, we work to defeat childhood cancer, the #1 disease killer of kids in America. GP PRO is a Presenting Sponsor of the Rally Benefit Bash and runs the Clean Up Childhood Cancer Campaign on Amazon where Georgia-Pacific makes a donation to Rally to fund childhood cancer research and consumers enjoy select product discounts.

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“Waiting while we knew the tumors were growing felt like
a very terrible option. But then there was Rally.”
– Rally Kid Caroline

Listen to Caroline’s powerful 2 minute video

Rally Kid Caroline with her mom, Emily

Rally Kid Caroline’s Story

Caroline was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was three years old. At that
time there was no standard treatment for her specific cancer, so she followed
a treatment plan for a similar type of brain cancer. After chemotherapy and
radiation, Caroline was stable for five years. She enjoyed going to school, playing
with her friends and family, and being a regular kid.

Seven years after her original diagnosis, a routine MRI showed new tumor
growth in Caroline’s brain and there was still no standard treatment available.
The only option was to search for a clinical trial that would offer an experimental

There was only ONE clinical trial in the entire country available to treat Caroline
and Rally funded that trial.

Rally made sure that Caroline had a treatment option when she needed it most.

Join us in the fight against childhood cancer. Rally On!

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