Fund Childhood Cancer Research in Honor of Rally Kid Dyran

Fund Childhood Cancer Research in Honor of Rally Kid Dyran

Dyran’s Cancer Journey

In February 2023, Dyran started complaining of leg pain off and on. His parents just assumed it must be growing pains and did not think too much of it. About a month later, the leg pain continued, so they took Dyran to the pediatrician. The doctor said that everything looked normal after an x-ray was taken. Eventually, Dyran would cry through the night because the leg pain was so severe. Enough was enough, and Dyran’s parents took him to the ER. They thought he had rheumatoid arthritis and referred him to Vanderbilt to see a specialist. The specialist knew right away that he did not have rheumatoid arthritis and he was sent to an oncologist. A tumor was found wrapped around a major blood vessel by his kidney. In late April 2023, Dyran was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma. This past August, Dyran had surgery to remove the remaining tumor and he is doing well!

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