As you know all too well, childhood cancer impacts your child, but it does not stop there. Not only is there a physical impact on your Rally Kid, and your entire family, it is also emotionally and psychologically challenging. It is because of these challenges that Rally is pleased to offer you support through the Rally Counseling Program.

Rally’s Counseling Program is designed to assist families in addressing the deep emotional and psychological issues brought on by childhood cancer. In order to provide this support, Rally has selectively sourced two experienced and successful licensed counseling practices. These practices operate in creative and distinct ways, offering a variety of therapy avenues that are designed to confidentially support all members of your immediate family.

Here is how the program works:

  • Rally families are eligible to receive up to 10 counseling sessions with licensed professionals at minimal cost.
  • The cost of the first session is covered by Rally.
  • For sessions two through 10, Rally will pick up the bulk of the cost while you will be responsible for paying $25 per session directly to the counselor.
  • The 10 sessions are considered a once-per-lifetime benefit.

The Rally Counseling Program is available to any Rally Family member and therapy can be utilized in the format that best meets your needs: individual, group, family, couples or other. If you are interested, please complete the registration form below.

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