4 Quarters

4 Research

4 Quarters is a loose change collection at your school. It’s kids helping kids fighting cancer.

4 Quarters has raised more than $1.5 million with 100% of the proceeds going to fund childhood cancer research. Join the hundreds of other schools and make a difference in the life of kids battling cancer.

Ready to Help Kids Fighting Cancer?

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

1. Pick a date and announce your fundraiser

– At school and to friends, family, and neighbors

2. Make it meaningful

– Raise money in honor of a child fighting cancer in your community or in honor of a Rally Kid selected from Rally’s website.

3. Spread the word

– Send a letter home explaining 4Q4R

– Create an online fundraising page with Rally’s help

– Put up flyers and pictures of Rally Kids to promote your fundraiser

Why 4 Quarters is Important

Volunteers are the heart of Rally's mission!


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