When you see a child fight cancer, it changes your life forever.

Family Emergency Fund

Families often face financial struggles when a child is diagnosed with cancer. The Family Emergency Fund helps families in need fill that gap.

Funding Details:

    • Support for one patient has an annual (12 month calendar year) cap of $500 and a lifetime cap of $750.
    • Funds will be used to cover patient’s cancer related medical bills or other family costs related to treatment (i.e.: utilities, mortgage, rent, transitional housing, etc.).
    • The Family Emergency Fund is a grant with limited funds. Once these funds are exhausted, it is expected that it will be renewed the next grant cycle.

Patient Requirements:

  • Be currently receiving treatment for a cancer-related diagnosis or side effects from cancer treatment.
  • Not be over 21 years old.
  • Submit a completed application through a social worker or hospital representative.

Application Requirements:

  • The hospital representative must exhaust other available funds for the family to receive financial assistance.
  • The hospital representative must apply on behalf of the family and complete all sections of the form truthfully. Any false, incomplete, or misleading information will result in automatic request denial.

Contact Sara@RallyFoundation.org with questions.

The Family Emergency Fund is depleted for this year and will reopen on April 1, 2020