Take the Rally 46-Mile Challenge
for Childhood Cancer Awareness

Every Child Deserves a Mile

We invite you to Rally with us and pledge to walk, run, bike, swim, skate or climb to complete the Rally 46-Mile Challenge this September.

That’s one mile for each kid who is diagnosed with cancer every school day in America. It does not matter how you get to 46 miles as long as you have a heart for children fighting cancer.

Take the 46-Mile Challenge

How It Works:

What is the Rally 46-Mile Challenge?

The 46-Mile Challenge is a fun and easy way for anyone to get involved raising money for childhood cancer research during September – not that you have to wait until September! It is a simple grassroots peer-to-peer fundraiser that anyone can do.

It takes place during September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Everyone who accepts the 46-Mile Challenge commits to 46 miles of activity between Sept. 1 and Sept. 30 and raising money. You can do this on your own time. You can participate as an individual,  get your company to participate, or grab your friends or family and form a team!

Try to get 10 people to donate $46, then you will raise $460 for childhood cancer research. Or you can shoot for a total of $46 per day in September for a total of $1,380 going to find a cure.

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How do I raise money?
When you register, you will be prompted to create your very own personal fundraising page to support childhood cancer research. You set your fundraising goal and earn cool Rally gear along the way. You can also select a Rally Kid to run in honor or in memory of, and we will send you their picture and story to keep with you while you log your 46 miles! Need help choosing a Rally Kid? Meet our Rally Kids below or ask us to assign you one when you register.

Meet Our Rally Kids

Do I have to run?
Absolutely not! But if you want to run you can, or you can walk, bike, hike, swim, cartwheel, golf, play tennis or do any activity that will add up to 46 miles. Be creative. And yes, ellipticals and treadmills count!

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