Project Description

Zoe E.

At 6 months old, Zoe was diagnosed with ATRT, an aggressive and often fatal brain cancer. She endured brain surgery, 6 rounds of high dose chemo (including stem cell rescue), and 6 weeks of proton beam radiation. Treatment ended in Aug 2008, and she is currently showing no evidence of disease. Treatment brought many ups and downs, including many scary times, but thankfully she recovered each time. Treatment also created new problems. She stopped eating orally and is now fed through a tube in her belly. She has some gross motor delays, moderate to severe hearing loss and significant communication delays. But these are manageable problems, and we are delighted to support her in her continued growth and development.

Zoe is an independent, self-assured, strong willed and persistent 2 ½ year old. She is an amazingly expert, and somewhat dangerous, climber. She brings such joy to our family! We hope and pray the cancer is gone forever, and that she will continue scaling great heights for a long time.

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