Project Description


Tyler’s sister writes, “Tyler was my brother, and best friend. He was 15 months older than me, and the closest thing I had to my own personal angel, He was typically an angel to every one who came to know him. At the age of 7, he was diagnosed with ‘a rare and aggressive’ brain tumor. For a child so young to face tragedy and hardship, I had never seen someone smile so much. His laugh could tear into you and breathe contentment and love. His attitude was like a ray of sunshine in the summer. After two years of sickness, surgeries, remission, re-diagnosis, and all of the struggles that come with cancer, Tyler, our light, passed away surrounded by his loved ones. He is truly my inspiration for the negatives I find my way to in life, and the inspiration for why I believe so strongly in Rumble Rally since the moment I was told about it a few months back.”

Tyler’s sister, Savanah, plans to perform at Rally Rumble 2015 in his honor.

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