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Tori’s mom writes, “Our lives were instantly changed on April 12, 2011, when Tori was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a type of brain tumor. Tori was active in cheerleading and pageants and held several titles as a pageant queen. We received a note from Tori’s teacher on a Friday, asking us what she should do when Tori has “an episode”. An episode for Tori was becoming very pale with very red sunken eyes, becoming dizzy, and getting nauseous. We saw our first episode that following Sunday and Tori was at her doctor that next Monday morning. We were given instructions on what to do and were told to follow-up with the doctor in two weeks. However, Tori had two more episodes the very next day and we returned to her doctor that Wednesday. She immediately ordered several tests for Tori along with an MRI. Afterwards, we thought we were leaving to take her home, but we were told that the neurologist needed to see us. We knew something was wrong when the doctor entered the room and he could not look at us. That day, Tori was diagnosed with a brain tumor.”

As Tori’s tumor began to grow and fluid built up in her head, she began to get excruciating headaches and would become sick. Her headaches were temporarily relieved when she would become sick, but as the fluid built back up in her head, they would return. After her diagnosis, Tori was rushed to the hospital and had brain surgery on April 15, 2011. Tori was then diagnosed with Medulloblastoma and she endured thirty radiation treatments and started chemotherapy treatment. Tori was terribly sick during her treatment, and will be receiving chemotherapy until sometime next June or July. Before Tori was diagnosed, she was raising money in honor of a little girl with terminal brain cancer. She had raised about $700 before she too was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Tori was honored at the Relay for Life pageant in April 2011. She loves competitive cheerleading, singing, and going to Braves games! She also loves fashion and hopes to be a fashion designer, so that she can make some hip hospital gowns!

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