Project Description


Since Shelby was born she was sick on and off, different medications and changing of Drs. and then in an cat scan it showed that she was missing g a portion of her skull which that though was a horrible mastoid infection that went crazy. Went to Egleston where the ER ENT immediately put her in meds to prevent meningitis and had surgery the filling day to clean up and try to salvage what was left. The pathology cam back and it was LCH. We met with her oncologist in Jan 2016 and immediately started chemo for 6 weeks and then went to maintenance chemo every three weeks till April 2017. She continues to fight with immune deficiency disorder and chronic other infections. She has lost most of her hearing on her left side from it and has a heard aid the help.

Through all of this, Shelby has remained tough, she is a competitive gymnast and unbelievably kept competing throughout her treatments. She struggles but she wasn’t letting anything stop her. She said it made her feel better.

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