Project Description

Sean Michael D.

Sean was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a solid tumor in the bone above the growth plate in his left knee, on July 11, 2007. Sean first started complaining about his knee during lacrosse camp. After a few x-rays and a few more weeks of increased pain, a MRI revealed it was osteosarcoma.Sean loves football, basketball and, especially lacrosse. His first passion, though, was any and all types of extreme sports. Thankfully, his older brother, Patrick, was involved in more conventional sports, so Sean followed him instead of Tony Hawk! To Sean, participating in any sport activity is like breathing – he must do it! Sean is also a loving, caring and compassionate young boy. He is totally unselfish whether on the basketball court or the playground. A perfect day for Sean would be playing a game or two, getting together with friends, playing with his dog Nala, eating a Philly cheese steak, and ending the day with a big ice cream at Brewster’s.

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