Project Description

Sarah M.

Sarah is like most 20 year olds, going to college doing life. Hanging with friends, working as a Nanny for a really special family each summer. Loved doing things with her younger sisters. She was the fun sister always taking her younger sisters to do things. Sarah (we’ve) always had fun hanging out as most families do. Had the world by storm. Until she had a bump/lump appear on her right tibia. We had it looked at by her dr. and after an X-ray we were told to watch it. It didn’t look like anything maybe just a cyst we were refered to a Orthopaedic. Since it didn’t seem to be urgent, we were put on an endless waiting list by the Orthopaedic. This is March, fast forward to July 22nd (Saturday) we are in the ER Sarah in so much pain due to the bump on her tibia. Had a CT scan done in the ER. Saw a specialist on Monday the 24th, Meet with her Orthopaedic Oncologist on August 2nd and diagnosed on August 18, with Ewing Sarcoma a rear bone cancer. Then on August 25th meet with Sarah’s Oncologist team at Scottish Rite and started chemo September 1st. First cycle of 14, then on November 17th was diagnosed with Minially invasive Adenocarcinoma (Lung cancer). Now to present day…Sarah has had two lung surgeries, and a limb salvage surgery. She is still undergoing chemo treaments. Hope to be finished with chemo treatments in April.

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Ewing Sarcoma and Adenocarcinoma