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Ryleigh was first diagnosed in October of 2015 with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at 7 years old, she went through a little over 2 years of treatment and rang the bell for her last chemo in December of 2017. She had her port removed in February of 2018. Every thing was great until May of 2018 when we learned the cancer came back. Ryleigh was super sad because she thought this was going to be her first “normal” summer since 2015. She spent the first three weeks of June at Egleston. Her mom signed her up for a study that involved a drug called blinatumomab, which would be continuous intravenously. Luckily for them, she got into the study and spent part of July through September 12th with a pic line and a pump and went to clinic two times a week for bag changes. The study drug was 100% better than the chemo she experienced the first go round with cancer! (Something to be thankful for in a junky situation) Now Ryleigh is preparing for a bone marrow transplant with her younger brother Alex as her 100% match.(Another thing to be thankful for) She will be admitted on October 1st for the BMT. She is a fighter and keeps on fighting even when things are hard.

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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia