Project Description


Mother’s Day babies, Ryder and her twin sister were two peas in a pod until a tumor separated them. Just four months shy of her second birthday, Ryder was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Surgery and months of recovery in ICU would follow, keeping Ryder away from home. Ryder had lost everything following her surgery. She would have to start life all over again.

After more than a year of chemotherapy and numerous other therapies to help her relearn everything, Ryder is here today. Now eight years old, the peas are together again. Ryder and her sister can be seen flitting about mimicking ballet steps, or found plopped on their toy car mat lining up cars to face the traffic, or believe it or not, taking their “babies” of all places, to the doctor.

The road has been long, with a few bumps along the way that may never recede for Ryder. However, her contagious giggle and determination to catch up for lost time keep all who know her pushing forward. Ryder’s mom, Joanna, states “Hope is in the future–the research, the prevention, and ultimately a cure. We should all ban together like peas in our own pod and rally this research on for children everywhere.”

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