Project Description

Quindarius Jr.

Welcome to our battle against Cancer. On the 28th of October Quindarius was very drowsy. He also had occasional fevers. He wouldn’t talk nor eat much. Quindarius Jr. Was taken to Athens Hospital where they diagnosed him with Anemia. Later they ran more test and noticed that his blood counts were abnormal so they transported him to Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta where they later diagnosed him with Leukemia (ALL). On November 7th, he concurred his first Outpatient clinic visit for chemotherapy and a spinal tap. He did very well. On November 10, 2017, he was doing great. This an emotional experience for his family Due to Jr. recently being diagnosed with infections such as Mucositis and E-Coli, he has been more sick and unable to eat drink or even walk on his own.

Rally For

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia