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In early December 2007, Parker went to school a normal 5th grader. When he came home one afternoon, he had a large lump on his neck. After almost three agonizing weeks of tests, he was diagnosed with Stage II Mature B-Cell Lymphoma with Burkitt’s characteristics. During the following months, he received five rounds of chemo in addition to several surgeries, spinal taps, and scans. Through it all, he had the most amazing, positive attitude, which uplifted everyone around him. There was a constant parade of doctors, nurses, volunteers and visitors to his room, where the main topic of conversation usually centered around sports. Amazingly, he was able to rejoin his class for the end of the school year.Today, Parker is now a freshman in high school. He spoke at the inaugural Nash Bash Rally fundraiser in March, and looks forward to participating in several Rally events in the future.

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Stage II Mature B-Cell Lymphoma