Project Description

Olivia W.

Mid June, 2015, Olivia’s parents noticed an unusual lump on the side of her face with no signs of trauma. After 3 weeks of waiting on ultrasound results from the pediatrician, when the office finally called, Olivia’s parents pushed for blood work. Two days later, Olivia was being referred to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. On July 21, 2015, Olivia was diagnosed with Pre-B Cell ALL. Olivia has had her ups and downs with treatment like all kids, but she remains as spunky today as she did before the onset of her blood cancer. She has a year of treatment under her belt and is thriving. She has grown a lot since her diagnosis, more so than any little girl should in such a short time. /p>

Olivia is the apple of her big brothers’ eyes and (one of) the light of her parent’s life. She loves all things Super Heroes and Power Rangers, but that’s to be expected since Olivia, herself, is a Super Hero.

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Pre B-Cell ALL