Project Description


Just prior to his 5th birthday in 2002, Mitch was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. Part of his treatment included an amputation to a portion of his leg. Mitch had a procedure performed called a rotationplasty. Since the tumor was in his femur bone, that portion of his leg needed to be removed. In order for him to have a working knee joint, instead of an artificial knee, the doctors re-used the lower portion of his leg to take the place of what he lost. In this procedure they reattach the lower portion of the leg after rotating it 180 degrees. This allows Mitch to have a fully functional knee joint after some muscle training and rehabilitation. Mitch also underwent 12 months of chemotherapy as a part of his treatment plan. He became very ill while undergoing the treatments, and barely survived the grueling process. With the grace of God, Mitch just passed his 12-year anniversary from completing his treatment.

Having survived cancer and adjusting to life with an artificial limb has obviously shaped Mitch in many ways. He enjoys sports and being physically active despite his handicap. Mitch is a senior at East Coweta and plans to study graphic arts / web design at the University of West Ga after graduation. We are looking forward to seeing him meet the challenges ahead with the same determination he had battling cancer.

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