Project Description


Maverick was born September 27th 2018 and his parents say that he was the missing piece to their puzzle. Right after Maverick’s 2 month well check, they noticed that he was throwing up fairly often. His pediatrician ordered an x-ray and nothing was found. They thought it might be acid reflux. A week later they went back to the pediatrician, as this time his stomach was distended and he was still throwing up. They thought that maybe he was being overfed. A week later, there was a third visit to the pediatrician because his stomach was extremely distended and he was still throwing up. From there, they went to the emergency room. After an x-ray, an ultrasound and a CT scan, a tumor was found near his adrenal gland. On December 24th 2018, Maverick had his first surgery, a biopsy of the tumor, a port placement and a bone marrow aspiration. Three days later he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Maverick is currently doing his third round of chemo and as of his last scan the tumor was down 25%. At home, Maverick is still very much a lively baby who is very happy and always loving. He loves to read books and his older brother is his favorite person.


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