Project Description

Matthew P.

It started 3 weeks before his diagnosis. Matthew started complaining of a belly ache and an aching elbow. We took him to his pediatrician and she started treating him for a stomach bug and said his elbow was hurting due to being inflamed from a birthday party accident the day before. So we got meds filled and thought he would be better in a few days. He didnt get better. More symptoms started popping up. Lethargic, not eating. So he was at school and my newest baby had her 1 month checkup so I brought him up ans the new symptoms. She told me not to worry about bringing him in that she would just call him in a new prescription. Her being the doctor i didnt question her. So we did that for about a wk and still no change. Yet again more new symptoms. Hip and knee pain and najor weight loss. So he had been waiting to go to his nanas house for a week and pitched a fit when i told him he couldnt go. I told him fine but we were going to the hospital the Sunday he came home. I advised his nana of the things going on and the weight loss. The Sunday he was scheduled to come we met at Fayette Piedmont and had him seen. They did x rays and blood work. Xrays really didnt show anything but the blood work came back and his liver enzymes were high so doc ordered a ct scan. Which led to them seeing lesions on both kidneys, liver and his colon. He was then transported to CHOA/scottish rite on 8/28/2016. They did a million and 1 more tests and it was confirmed on 8/29/2016 that my sweet boy had burkitts lymphoma. They did a bone marrow biopsy and a spinal tap to be in the marrow and spinal fluid. It was then comfirmed it was in both. So that changed the diagnosis to burkitts leukemia lymphona. And now we just FIGHT!!!!

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Burkitt’s Leukemia Lymphoma