Project Description


Madani was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma in June of 2017. She was complaining of headaches periodically thorught the day. Madani is 4 years old at the time she was 3 so you can say that she was a pretty smart 3 year old to know that something wasnt right. I took Madani to the hospital where they were really leaning towards saying that they believed nothing was wrong with her, and then she had a episode there and they got to see what i was dealing with at home. The doctor order a MRI and it came back that she had a brain tumor in her Cerebelum. Almost the size of a golf ball. We were all shocked and scared at the same time. They ordered emergency surgery to get it out which took place the next day because she had just eaten a peach. 2 weeks later the tests came back that the tumor was malignant and they started Madani on chemotherapy. Madani has been such a strong fighter and by gods grace she went into remission in October of 2017.

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