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Lyric W.

When Lyric was born she was our second (my third) and last child and our only girl. We were so excited to welcome her into the world. She was born the evening of April 22nd and on April 23rd we got the news or rather I got the news that they suspected Lyric had Down Syndrome. In one instant my world crumbled. I called my husband devastated who at the time was at home decorating the house for a nice surprise with welcome home and it’s a girl signs and balloons. He was speechless as was I , it seemed like the darkest time. I remember being so scared and mourning as if I had lost her. Weeks passed and blood tests confirmed that she indeed had Trisomy 21. Now what I remember thinking. My husband and I tried to educate ourselves as much as possible with literature the hospital gave us and anything we could absorb from the internet but in all reality most of the information we got or read was frightening. Lyric would be our teacher and has taught us m ore in her short time here on earth than we could ever teach her. Lyric truly completed our family and fills our lives with so much love and laughter. It seems almost impossible that so much personality is packed into such a small package. She is such a light and all the fears and worries slowly started to diminish. Of course you are always going to worry about your children and have concerns but Down Syndrome wasn’t scary anymore and although it can come with a long array of health issues we considered ourselves so lucky and blessed because besides a couple of small VSD’s in her heart she was perfectly healthy not even an ear infection till she was 2. But then at 2.5 routine blood work would turn our lives upside down again. After seeing a few specialists we received a phonecall on October 18th confirming our worst nightmare. The Hemotologist diagnosed Lyric with AML Leukemia. How was this possible that our beautiful perfectly healthy girl had Leukemia? On November 2nd sh e was admitted into Scottish Rite at the Aflac cancer center where she started her 1st of 5 rounds of chemotherapy. We spent 26 days straight in the hospital with many ups and downs but once again our girl would amaze us with her strength and determination. After her first round of Chemo they did another bone marrow biopsy (they had done several) and there wasn’t any detectable cancer cells! We were and still are overjoyed! And after 720 hours of chemotherapy Lyric has completed treatment and hearing her ring that bell was the sweetest sound my ears have ever heard.

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AML Leukemia