Project Description

Logan S.

Logan was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, a Craniopharyngioma, on July 29, 2007. After four surgeries and 31 radiation treatments, the tumor is gone; however, Logan is now legally blind, left only with a small amount of vision in his right eye. The location of this tumor makes it a life-long condition because of the hormonal deficiencies, vision loss, hypothalamic obesity, and social and psychological issues. He will be on several medications for the rest of his life, and while these medications are critical, they fix some problems and cause others. The radiation he received can cause malignancies in his brain in the future. A return of the tumor or occurrence of a new tumor could take the rest of his vision.

In spite of all this, Logan loves life, and he graduated after six years at Pope High School in 2017! He is now taking an online course to become certified as a Braille Transcriber! Logan loves bowling, word searches, camps, building Legos, and Star Wars. Although he and his younger brother had a rough time post-brain tumor, they love each other very much and are once again great supporters of one another. Logan is optimistic and faithful that God is working a plan! This brain tumor keeps on giving, but so does God!


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Craniopharyngioma Brain Tumor