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On March 24 of 2013, Linda age 11 began noticing she was feeling tired and fatigued. She told her mom she didn’t well. She had a headache, stomach ache, and was running a fever of 104. That evening they went to the ER. The doctors ran tests, blood work, etc. They determined early the next morning that Linda would be diagnosed with ALL. Linda had a set back during the first half of her 3 year treatment protocal, when she had a stroke caused by her harsh chemo treatments. After a week long stay in the PICU, Linda was able to restart her treatments and continue until she was finished with all treatments and her port was removed. After a year, On August 5th, 2016 during a routine checkup, Linda was told she had relapsed, diagnosed again with ALL. Linda is beating blood cancer and will complete her treatments in January 2019.

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