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Leigh was diagnosed with cancer in her bones, known as osteosarcoma, when she was 17. She was a Varsity cross country runner for her high school and ran six miles the morning she was diagnosed. She had her primary tumor removed from her leg bone and was unable to walk for nine months.

Leigh received a total of 15 rounds of chemotherapy and had many surgeries to remove all 36 tumors from her chest. Nevertheless, she persevered and went into remission in May 2005. She astonished everyone when she ran the regional cross country meet with all of her teammates just one month after she began to walk again. She recently celebrated her anniversary of being six years cancer free.

Leigh currently works as a nurse at Emory Hospital because of the profound impact her oncology nurses made on her life. She knows the only way to help defeat cancer is to research it. She looks forward to the day when no one has to suffer from this disease.

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