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Krystle has always truly loved life, others, and herself. She loved to sing and could always be found doing something funny or crazy. She had fun no matter what and never worries about what others might think of her. As a child, this animal lover had many pets, some of which lived outside so that her parents wouldn’t know about them! When she was six, she moved in with her grandparents. Life was going great, she was healthy and loved school.

Around the time that high school started, she slowly started to feel sick all the time, and her eye became severely swollen before she started tenth grade. Her doctor ran some tests and then sent her to the children’s hospital because he could tell there was something behind her eye. On what was supposed to be the first day of tenth grade, Krystle had surgery to remove the large tumor behind her eye. A few days later, she and her family were told that the tumor was cancerous, and she was diagnosed with diffuse large B- cell lymphoma.

After a year of chemo and many infections, Krystle found out that her cancer had returned. She then underwent more chemo before having a bone marrow transplant. Soon after the transplant, a mass showed up in her right breast, which was another return of the lymphoma.

Krystle was in remission in December 2008 and was taken off chemo in June 2009. She is went to college to study early childhood care and education. She wanted to work in the children’s hospital on the cancer floor and eventually open up her own child care center for children with special medical needs.

While Krystle was in remission 12-16-08, on the January 23, 2013 after a PET scan and biopsy doctors discovered her Cancer returned. Krystle was still in college studying early childhood Care at Chattahoochee technical college full time while undergoing treatment. It was her dream to work with children with special medical needs and to open up a care center specifically for children who have special medical needs.

In the fall of 2013, Krystle earned her angel wings and went on to be cancer free in heaven.

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Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma