Project Description


McKenna Shea, aka Kenni, had been experiencing random fevers and a swelling of the belly for about a month or so. Her parents noticed that she was growing out instead of up and asked her pediatrician about it. At first diagnosis, they were told it was gas, but within a few weeks it was clear it had to be more. After fevers of 102F and 103F at daycare and a belly that continued to swell, Kenni went back to the doctor. The pediatrician took an X-ray, but again determined gas as the cause. They sent Kenni to Scottish Rite for an ultrasound where a large mass was found. After a CT and MRI, it was determined that she had several Yolk Sac Tumors in her abdomen with the largest on her ovary. After surgery to remove the largest mass, chemotherapy has been started.


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Ovarian Yolk Sac Tumor