Project Description

Kennedy K.

Kennedy had been complaining of her elbow hurting, we knew it was not broken. On they way to my sons basketball practice, we stopped at drugstore and I bought an ace bandage. Little did I know, at the time, I was trying to wrap her arm up to stop the pain and agony and cure what we later found out to be Leukemia. Finally the pain became so bad, she was randomly crying every 15-30 mins, could not sleep at all, and finally at 4am she awoke and said I cant wait till the morning gets here so we can go to the doctor. That next morning, skipped the doctor and went straight into CHOA. They ran some tests, had the children orthopedic doctor come in and look at the elbow. Finally when the children’s ortho doctor came in and looked me in the eye, and said you wont really be dealing with me going forward, and at that time, I knew something had to be wrong with the blood tests. That day and pain of that day will live with me and her mother forever. All she wanted to do is stop and get a slurpee, on the way home. As her and I teared up & cried, I said baby we wont be stopping to get a slurpee today, we are going to be here for a few days. She was and has further been diagnosed with B-Cell A.L.L. iamp 21 and in all likelihood, will be needing a bone marrow transplant.

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B-Cell ALL