Project Description


Kelcey was diagnosed in 2011 with neuroblastoma at the age of 4. She received treatment at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Columbus regional Medical Center. She went into remission for almost two years before she released in February 2016. That year she spent over 180 nights in the hospital. She did chemotherapy, proton radiation, stem cell transplant, and antibody therapy. She completed treatment in December 2017. Chemotherapy and neuroblastoma have tried to ruin Kelcey’s life. It has stolen some of her hearing, she now where’s hearing aids, some of he vision, she can’t see without glasses, her bowel and bladder function. She has to wear pull ups and be flushed thru a cecostmy tube in her intestine and cath through her mitrofanoff a hole in her navel. But God has plans for this special young lady we call LADYBUG. She is here telling people how God has been a constant in our lives.

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