Project Description


In late July 2013, 17 month old Kaylee had not been acting herself. She was lethargic, crying when image2 she wasn’t being held, and not eating much. Although the first week of this, her mother thought Kaylee was just teething, she finally decided to make an appt for Kaylee with the pediatrician on August 1st. The doctor did a check up on Kaylee and noticing her pale complexion and bruising, she did a blood test to check Kaylee for anemia. The blood test not only showed Kaylee was anemic, but her white blood count was through the roof, and her red blood cells and platelets were extremely low. She advised Kaylee’s parents to take her to Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital immediately to meet with the hematologist.

After arriving at the hospital, Kaylee endured more blood tests and met with an Oncologist who told her parents the news that their sweet, sassy, 17month old little girl, lover of playground slides, and Elmo had cancer. Kaylee was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. For the next few weeks, Kaylee and her parents lived in the hospital while she had multiple transfusions, surgery to have a port placed in her chest, x-rays, bone marrow samples taken, and started chemo to begin her 2 ½ year battle.

Kaylee is now 3 1/2 years old and still enduring her daily cancer treatment, but by the grace of God, a day doesn’t go by without seeing a smile out of her. She loves going to the pool with friends, playing in the yard with her 2 dogs, say hello to anyone that passes by her, eat an endless amount of macaroni & cheese, and sing and dance to any music that has a good beat! She is the light on some very scary days and has shown amazing courage and fight in such a tiny little package. She is truly our little hero and we feel blessed that we were chosen to be her parents. She still has 5 months to fight this beast that cancer is, but we remain faithful that she WILL beat this! Jeremiah 29:11 is her battle scripture that we lean on. Join us in the journey to #pray4K and see how she is doing on Kaylee loves Play doh, any & all Disney princesses & Tinkerbell, My Little Pony, arts & crafts, singing & dancing and swimming at the pool.

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