Project Description

Jacob C.

Though it started just like any other day, May 21, 2012 soon became the day that changed Jacob’s life when he suddenly passed out at school. He was taken to the emergency room where doctors realized that Jacob had some form of leukemia. Jacob and his mother were transported to the local children’s hospital and doctors there confirmed that Jacob had T-cell Acute Lympoblastic Leukemia. The months that followed were beyond difficult for Jacob and his entire family. After countless chemo treatments, weeks of radiation, dangerous blood clots, an emergency lumbar shunt surgery, and several other hospital stays–including a week spent on life support in PICU due to methotrexate poisoning and severe seizures that it caused, Jacob was finally given the wonderful news that he was in remission. He’s still doing chemo once a month and is currently doing physical therapy to help strengthen his muscles so that he will no longer need a wheelchair. Jacob is a smart, funny, lovable boy with a quick wit and a wonderful sense of humor. He loves drawing cartoons and playing baseball. He’s looking forward to being able to play baseball on his school team when he finally finishes chemo once and for all.

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