Project Description

Izabella N.

Izabella was diagnosed at 9 months with AML Leukemia. In March of 2017  she relapsed, had a seizure and she developed chloromas. One was blocking the drainage in her brain so a shunt was placed to drain the brain fluid.

For a week and a half then they placed a omaya reservoir where they administer chemo directly to brain.

In November, she hit remission and on December 8th she had her bone marrow transplant!

She’s now post Bone Marrow transplant and has weekly Dr visits to check her counts and the percentage of her engraftment. She’s at 100% engraftment still. Praise the Lord!!

Like her favorite song of Chris Tomlin “How Great Is Our God” so true ..
Her doctor  says that before her year mark of her transplant they want to remove her port and her omaya reservoir but they still don’t know of when exactly.

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