Project Description


Hoyt’s parents just recently found out their 9 month old little boy has neuroblastoma. It all started just by taking him to his regular checkup…his parents brought up concerns about a “knot” in his belly at his 6 month checkup. The doctor brushed it off as him either being constipated or him having an umbilical hernia and showed no concerns about it. A few months went by and his parents kept an eye on said “knot”. The knot had grown a little so his parents decided to bring it up at his nine month checkup. She felt it and actually expressed concern about it so she brought in his regular pediatrician and he showed concerns about it as well so they sent Hoyt and his family to the office in Gainesville to get an xray to see what it was. Hoyt did great and laid perfectly still for the lady to get the pictures so he finished up quickly and was sent home to wait for results….this is when their day got turned upside down…just as they were about to pull in the driveway his parents received a phone call from his pediatricians office letting us know they received a call from the radiology department stating that there was a large mass and that we needed to get it checked out as soon as possible. Hoyt and his parents headed to Egleston that night…they dropped everything and arranged for their daughter , Maddy to stay with her grandparents. The emergency department was notified and were expecting Hoyt so he got a triage room quickly from there he had blood drawn, got an iv, had an ultrasound done. Following this  Hoyt was admitted to the hospital where he stayed the whole week to have more tests done which included another ultrasound, a ct scan, an mibg scan, an MRI, and they did surgery to biopsy the tumor. All the scans so far just showed that the cancer is localized solely within the tumor but given the size of it they thought it would be best to go ahead and start him on chemo to see if it will shrink due to them being unable to remove the tumor since it is intertwined with his aorta and a few major blood vessels. So far he has had his central line placed and he has undergone his first  cycle of chemo. The first night of his start of chemo he got sick and the next morning on the way back to the hospital he got sick again and once more when he was getting his echo done of his heart the same day but since then we’ve kept the zofran in his system as soon as the last dose is up we give him another to prevent him from getting sick again.

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