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Hilda R.

Hello, my name is Hilda. My fight with A.L.L actually started December of 2015 when my younger brother got Leukemia. He has now passed. During fall break of 2016, my body starting showing me signs of my disease. I just got tired very easily. I only had 4.0 RBC. I was diagnosed on October 29, 2016. Knowing I have my Heavenly Father on my side and the support of family and friends I knew I’ll get through this journey fast and smoothly. I got a bone-marrow transplant from my older brother, Tristian. He was a perfect match. Yes, there was ups and downs, but God helped me through all that. I am now in remission. My family has been through it all with me. I can only thank God for the people that helped me and have been there for me.

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