Project Description

Grant G.

Grant was not acting himself and started showing signs of what seemed to be a broken collar bone or cracked rib. He would cringe when we picked him up. On Wednesday, June 18th, 2014, we took him to get an x-ray thinking something was fractured. There was no break or fracture on the x-ray but there was something on the bone they could not identify. They ran his blood which came back with half of the hemoglobin it should have. He was very anemic. They immediately sent us down to the children’s hospital for further tests. Based on the blood and the spot on his arm they indicated it could be a type of leukemia or bone cancer. On the morning of Thursday, June 19th, 2014 at the age of 2, Grant had an ultrasound that found a tumor attached to his adrenal gland. They also did a bone marrow sample which eventually came back positive that the primary tumor in his abdomen had spread to his lymph nodes, bones, and bone marrow. He had stage 4 Neuroblastoma and was considered high risk.

Grant underwent almost 2 years of aggressive treatment including chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, 2 rounds of high dose MIBG radiation therapy, and 6 rounds of immunotherapy.

After a courageous battle, Grant passed away on March 28, 2016. He loved Spiderman, playing with his brothers and sisters, and adored his nurses. Grant will forever live in our hearts and be part of the Rally family.

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