Project Description

Ensley W.

Ensley began kindergarten just like all other kids with her princess backpack, matching lunch box, new first day of school dress and a huge smile on her face. She attended kindergarten for just one week before it was discovered she had a 15cm cancerous tumor on her kidney and a 3 mm spot on her lung. Her maternal great grandmother passed of bladder cancer just seven months prior to Ensley’s diagnosis. The surgeon was able to successfully remove the cancer and Ensley began chemo treatment to eradicate her body of all cancer cells. On February. 15, 2018, Ensley rang the bell to celebrate her last chemo treatment. Throughout this process, Ensley has found comfort in her lovey pillow, painting, ballet, piano-music, homeschooling, and her relationship with her sister and cousin. Cutie, her Yorkie dog, has been a source of comfort, too!

Rally For

Wilms Tumor